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Christina's mission is to inspire women to LOVE their style and empower confidence through style.


Christina is a Jacksonville, FL based personal stylist, style expert, and owner of impressions by christina, a fashion consulting service providing styling services to personal clients and media. Christina loves helping women elevate their personal style and her goal is to help clients find their signature style and identify the perfect style to reflect their most authentic identity. Christina believes women should feel confident and be stylish everyday.



Styling services are available in the Jacksonville metro area and can also be arranged in by appointment in other cities. Virtual styling is available in the U.S. and internationally.


For more information and rates, please contact Christina directly at


I begin to define your personal style by sorting through your wardrobe and keeping only items that will help you achieve your new and improved personal style. I will style new looks from what is already in your closet and take photos for you. I will also create a detailed shopping list of recommended items to add to your closet, customized for your budget.



I don't clean your closet...I CLEANSE it! I will discuss your personal goals as you try on clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories from your current wardrobe.

The items will be categorized as “wearable”, “questionable” and “unbearable”. We will organize your closet and develop a strategy to assist you in filling in any existing gaps, ensuring  your wardrobe and closet become functional for you and your lifestyle!



Looking for some new pieces to add to your wardrobe? Let's go shopping! I will start in your closet where we will discuss your style needs and fashion goals.  I will take a look at your wardrobe to assess what you need to complete your wardobe for the season.  We can either shop together or I can shop for you. Either way you will have some fun and versatile new pieces to add to your wardrobe.



Putting your best foot forward by capturing the style and image that you wish to exhibit on the red carpet or during a special occasion is very important. I assist you with creating your overall look. Regardless if it’s a formal or a casual event, my job is to make sure your style choice is appropriate for the occasion and makes you look and feel fabulous!



Don't live in Jacksonville? No problem. I will be by your virtual side to get you ready for an upcoming event or find those perfect new staples for your everyday life. Whatever your specific needs, timeframe, and budget, hand-picked selections will be delivered to you via e-mail and revised until we find the exact right pieces.


Think you need to wait until after you lose those 10, 15, 20+ pounds to begin your wardrobe styling? Think again! Evolve your wardrobe as you shed inches, reward yourself for hard work at the gym and feel great every step of the way! Iwill visit you every month for three months and give you fun weekly "style homework" to help you transform your look and inspire a new you!


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